On The Edge
Paranormal Investigations

Who we are

Natalie Guerrero

Natalie has been interested in the paranormal for over 15 years and has been investigating for 10 of them. She is a skeptical believer having many personal experiences over the years. As the case manager she is responsible for initiating and maintaining our case files and evidence. 

Shannon Guertin

Shannon has 5 years of investigating under her belt, but many years of interest in the paranormal. Keeping an eye on the living, Shannon is the social media manager and client liaison for On The Edge. She is the first point of contact between our investigators and our clients. And she investigates, too!

Ray Guerrero

Ray is new to paranormal investigating. He is the most skeptical of the group having had no paranormal experiences in his life. Ray's talent lies in finding mundane reasons for abnormal activity at an investigation location. As the equipment tech, he also manages and sets up the equipment. 

Cambrey Burdette

Cambrey is a law enforcement officer that has had personal experience with the paranormal. She has participated in several investigations over the years. These personal experiences and professional training are what makes Cambrey an excellent researcher and investigator.