On The Edge
Paranormal Investigations

the investigation process

Once we are contacted about a potential investigation, the client liaison will contact you. She will ask a series of questions, some of which can be quite personal. Please don't be offended and answer with as much candor as possible. She is asking these questions for a reason.

When the phone interview is concluded, she will share the gathered information with the group and they will decide whether or not to investigate. You will be contacted either way.

For local clients, we would like to meet with you in person a day or two prior to the investigation. This will allow us to tour the site and determine where to set up the equipment, take care of paperwork, etc. For non-local clients, we would like to meet a few hours before the investigation begins.

We encourage the client to stay and participate the investigation if they want, however we do not encourage small children or pets to be on-site. Investigations start after dark and can last for several hours depending on the level of activity taking place.

Once the investigation is concluded, we pack up and go home. Our policy is to review all of the evidence and inform the client of our findings within a 2 week time frame. We have day jobs and usually have about 24 hours or more worth of video and audio to review. 

The Client Liaison or Case Manager will contact the client with the results of the reviews and answer any questions the client may have.